Dell Laptop and PC Repairs in Hartlepool

Platinum Computers Dell Support.
We cater for ALL Laptop and desktop repairs, all our repairs either broken laptops and desktops that come in to us for repair are carried out from our repair centre based in our Hartlepool Computer shop, by our repair engineers, who have over 20 years experience.
You can bring your broken laptop in to our repair centre personally or send it by a courier service. So you know where your laptop is during the whole repair service, and when the laptop is repaired we then use a recorded courier service to return your Dell back to you.

Dell Upgrade IT Support

Your Dell laptop running slow, or your windows is reporting low disk space, Platinum Computers has a comprehensive PC Support to give you the best Dell upgrades to get the best performance from your laptop.
Giving your Dell an upgrade is still cheaper than buying a new laptop, from a memory upgrade which is the quickest and cheapest way to speed up your laptop, to fitting a larger capacity hard drive, or even upgrading the latest windows operating system, Platinum Computers can offer you an IT service to suite your needs.

Fit a larger capacity hard drive to your Dell Laptop, or perhaps you want a faster drive Solid State hard drive fastest hard drives to date, gives you more storage or faster drive for music and movies, we can possibly clone your existing hard drive on to the new one, keeping all your files and programs intact, we are still currently updating our website, so you may not see what you are looking for, i.e. memory upgrades, hard drives etc so if you don't see what you are looking for or if you need any help with any laptop repair see our Contact us page

Keep all your files and programs intact, including your Windows operating system Clone Hard Drive.

Have you just re-installed your Windows operating system on your Dell laptop and your sound or internet not working, possible all the Dell drivers have not installed, Platinum Computers can install all the Dell drivers to get your Dell running properly again, usually there are certain common drivers that don't install and need to be manually installed, Video Dell Drivers, Sound Dell Drivers and Ethernet Dell Drivers can be other as well but we will install all the missing Dell drivers for you.
May be you would like Platinum to put a fresh install Windows Operating System on your Laptop or you would like to upgrade your Dell laptop to Windows 7.

Platinum Computers Hartlepool top quality Dell repairs and Upgrades in Hartlepool the North East of England and across the UK, bold statement but backed up by our Top Quality repair IT services.

need Windows re-install get it fixed at platinum computers hartlepool

Dell IT Support Repairs

A complete Dell IT repair service, from a simple Dell repair to a corrupt windows registry or missing file.

A list of some of the most common Dell IT Repairs we carry out on a regular basis, for a detailed view of our PC Laptop repairs look at our Dell IT Services.

Your Dell Laptop not charging, possibly your laptop charging port (DC Socket) has become faulty, a common laptop IT Repair, as most laptops the charging port is soldered on to the laptop motherboard and with constant use plugged in and unplugged the solder points become detached from the Dell motherboard, look at our Laptop not Charging laptop repair.

Dell Laptop screen broken or looks as if its bleeding, the laptop screen has been damaged or has become faulty have a look at our Broken Laptop Screen repair.

Your Dell Laptop stuck in a restart, or has a blue screen, Platinum Computers has an IT service to to fix blue screen.

Your laptop screen reports corrupt or missing file, your Dell laptop won't load in to windows, we have a laptop IT Repair to Repair Windows Boot.

  • Dell Inspiron

  • Dell mini

  • Dell Latitude

  • Dell Vostro

  • Dell XPS

  • Dell Precision

  • Dell Alienware

  • Dell Adamo

  • Dell Studio

We also BUY unwanted, Old, Broken PCs.

Perhaps you've bought a new Computer, no longer have use for your old one. Platinum Computers we can buy your old, Unwanted or Broken PC. We pay CASH instantly. Buying PCs

We sell laptop pre-owned, when we sell a used laptop, they have a fresh install of windows and come with a 3 month warranty and bundled software, look at our preowned laptop for sale.

We also offer IT repair services on ALL Dells and ALL other makes of PC Laptops.

The only Advertising we do is from YOU.

Platinum Computers we offer IT Services on all makes and models of Dell repairs, our Dell IT Services covers from simple Laptop key replacement, replacing a Laptop screen to Dell motherboard repairs.
Our Dell Support covers ALL Dell models, including the following.

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