We Sell used Laptops, Desktop PCs and Apple Macs

"Amazing Service i received. I bought a PC from this shop"
Andrew Harcourt (Facebook Review)
24th March 2017
5/5 stars
"Amazing Service i received. I bought a PC from this shop and it worked absolutely amazing, no problems with it at all. I was told everything about the pc. It already came with windows and a couple of free apps that will help me with the pc. I would recommend Platinum Computers to anyone who needs a new pc or parts."

Preparation for sale

Before we sell any computer we have a routine we go through.

When you buy a computer or Apple Mac from Platinum Computers, you should just take it home connect it to your Internet and your surfing the Internet.

  • Inspect the System for any external damage

  • Re-install the appropriate Windows Operating System to match the product code, Activate with Microsoft.

  • Install An Internet Security Package.

  • Install Free Office package

  • Install Burning Software

  • Install Media Player

  • Install Acrobat Reader PDF

  • Install Acrobat Flash player

  • Install Windows Updates, up to latest Service pack and latest internet explorer.

  • Constantly monitor the system while we are installing all these packages, to ensure the system is running correctly and no faults are found.

All of the computer and Mac's we sell have had all previous owner data erased and a Fresh install of the Windows Operating System (to match the product code on the system) or Macs installed with there OSX.

All Windows based systems have been Activated with Microsoft come with a FREE Internet security package installed, A FREE office package, FREE media layer and a FREE burning software, all the packages we install will never ask you for any kind of payment. Macs generally do not need any Internet Security packages installing, so we just tend to leave them as Apple's default applications installed.

All ready just to take home, connect to your wireless or ethernet and start surfing or ready for School, college or office work.

We also build new computers to your specifications

If you just want a computer for surfing the Internet, Facebook, or a gaming computer, we can build it for YOU, tell us what specs you want and we will give you a price for a New Computer. If you would like to have a look at some of our New Computers.

You can contact either by phone or pop in to see us in person

Platinum Computers 42 Lister Street, Hartlepool, TS26 9LF, 01429 223522
Buying and Selling Computer Systems in Hartlepool and across the North East

Thank you

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