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PC Gets Very HOT and Turns Off

PC Symptoms

  • Your PC is very hot and is blowing out hot air from all the vents

  • Fans constantly running and noisy

  • Your Computer seems to be running slower than normal

  • PC turns off after a couple of minutes, leave it for 10 minutes or so and it turns back on.

Sounds like your Computer is overheating, you may be getting one or more of the above symptoms.

Possible Causes

  • Is your Computer kept in a dusty room?

  • Do you have cats or dogs?

  • Had a lot of building work done?

What tends to happen with computers is they pull in cool air through the vents either in the side front or back, but then dust and fibres, hairs are also pulled in, the computer then tries to push out the hot air through the vents, but the dust and fibres clog the vents, the computer also has a heat sink and fan on the processor which is to keep the processor cool, this also gets clogged and stops heat being transferred away from the processor efficiently. So the computer can't cool down and has hot air circulating around inside the case with very little cool air getting pulled back in, the problem will keep getting worse until the case and fans are cleaned. You find your computer starts to run a lot slower than it normally would, and may even eventually start to turn it self off, or crash. Leave it turned off for 10 minutes or so and it will turn back on. At this point you should get your computer repaired ASAP buy a qualified and experienced Computer Repair Engineer, as at Platinum Computers with over 20 years individual experience.

If you don't get the PC repaired, which entails removing the heat sink in most cases and cleaning the fans and inside the case. If you don't get the PC repaired then you could be running your computer in to the ground, the PC is running hotter than it was designed to run, and you could be causing damage to the internal components.

Alternatively you may have tried to clean the heat sink yourself and not fitted the heat sink correctly, or the heat sink clips have become damaged and its not sitting tight on the processor and not transferring the heat away from the processor. In this case a new heat sink or in some cases a new motherboard may be required.

The PC repair is relatively easy for Computer engineers, with over 20 years of experience, as at Platinum Computers, but can be an extremely difficult task for a novice, we have seen some computers never work again after so called computer repair shops and novices have dismantle the heat sink and damaged part of the motherboard clips or not put it back together properly. Experience you can't replace it.

For an overview of some of Platinum Computers PC repair Services have a look at our Computer repair Services.

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