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We Emphasize on QUALITY of our Laptop repair's over PRICE

Platinum Computers main emphasise from day 1, from opening our Computer Shop, has always been to provide the best Laptop repair Service in Hartlepool and the UK, not just in HARTLEPOOL but across the UK. Emphsize on quality of repair, Customer Satifaction, quick turn around of the repair, but also keeping our Laptop repair prices LOW.

You can post your Laptop to us, or if you wish you can pop it in to us and speak with us face to face and we should be able give you an idea of what work may be needed and an idea of costs to complete the repair (s), which ever we will book in your Laptop, diagnose the problem, get a price together to complete all or part of the Laptop repairs, and contact you, if you are happy with the quote and time scale we have given you, then we will proceed with the repair (s). If we have given you a price and time scale when you brought your system in to us, and you are happy with the price and have authorised us to proceed with the system repair, we will proceed with the repair to get the Computer back to you with in the time we have said.

Once we have completed the repair, we will contact you to advise on what we have done to complete the Laptop Repair and arrange payment, we accept payment from either debit, credit cards, cheque, Paypal or cash. We will then repackage your Laptop and arrange for our courier to collect and get your Laptop system back to you.

Focusing on our customers and offering top quality Laptop Repairs in Hartlepool and the UK has helped us to build an exceptional reputation with our customers, not just locally with in Hartlepool, but across the UK. Google reviews posted by some of our customers Platinum Computers repairs, shows our emphasise on our quality of repair service and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

  • Laptop Turns Off at Startup,- Several possibilities but the common ones are.

    • Possible Faulty Charging Port (DC Socket)

      • Faulty Charging Port (DC Socket), movement when charger plugged in, move it and gets and loses connection, strip down and remove old charging port, fit new port and test connection.

    • Possible Faulty Charger

      • faulty Charger, the light on the charger may still be on, but no power from the of the charger.

    • Possible Faulty Battery

      • Faulty Battery trying to run Laptop of the battery, but doesn't hold a charge any more, tries to boot but no power from battery, laptop turns off.

    • Possiblly all 3 or any combination of above

      • Possiblly all 3 or any combination of above, charger faulty, no power to Laptop, charging port faulty, battery can't get any power, turns off, Laptop can't get any power.

    • Possible faulty Motherboard

      • faulty Motherboard motherboard could have power issue.

All of the above Laptop repairs can be carried out by Platinum Computers, all our Laptop repairs in Hartlepool are done in our dedicated Hartlepool Based Computer Shop we carry out a range of repairs from Charging ports to simply replacing a key on your keyboard, if any of the laptop components are faulty we keep most if not all components in stock, so the repair will still be done with in the time quoted, usually same day or next day.

The only Advertising we do is from YOU

Platinum Computers Hartlepool top quality Laptop repairs in Hartlepool the North East and across the UK, bold statement but backed up by our Top Quality repair service.

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