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B.C.L Keyboard + Optical Mouse
BCL Keyboard + Optical Mouse
BCL Wireless Bundle Key/Mouse
Keyboard + Optical Mouse
USB black optical wheel mouse



Black USB keyboard UK Layout
Cherry Black optical Mouse
Cherry WHT optical Mouse
EVO Keyboard + Optical Mouse
Genius 2.0 Desktop Speakers BL
Gigabyte Keyboard + Optical
Gigabyte Optical Mouse
HiPoint Keyboard + Optical
Logitech Coreless Optical Mous
Logitech Keyboard
Logitech Keyboard and Mouse
Logitech Wireless Keyboard Mou
Mini Laptop OPtical Mouse Retr
Mini Wireless Optical Mouse
Sweex USB Optical Mouse
Targus Mini USB retract Mouse
UK Black USB keyboard UK Lay
USB Desktop 2.0 Speakers
USB Powered 2.0 Speakers Black
Xenta 800 dpi Optical Mouse


Computer Peripherals are an important part to the operation of your computer, they are usually taken for granted until the dreaded happenes, your mouse or keyboard or both stop working, you can still navigate around your computer using just the keyboard but it is slow and tedious.
We stock a selection of Computer peripherals, from mini optical mice to wireless keyboard and mice sets, so Platinum Computers can get you back and running in no time.

A lot of people can't get the hang of using a Laptop track pad, so we advise them to use either a wireless mouse or wired mouse, gives the full functionality of the laptop back.
We also have supplied computer keyboard for use with Laptops when the keyboard has had a spill or has just stopped working, the laptop is old and not worth spending money on, then a 5 USB Keyboard resolves the issue, laptop back up and running a nice quick cheap fix, at we do try to save you money,as well as a first rate service, read Platinum Computers Hartlepool reviews on Google Platinum Computers Reviews

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