Used LCD Monitor Screens Sold and Bought

You need a newer or replacement computer display screen, or looking to have dual monitors LCD for displaying on your Computer or maybe want to use an external monitor on your Laptop, Platinum Computers we have a wide selection of used monitor screen. So if your monitor shopping, then look no further, LCD Monitor Screen.

Before we sell any LCD Screen they are all inspected for any sign of damage and then tested using one of our Computers.

Used monitor Warranty

All our used LCD Monitor screen, come with a 3 Month Warranty

All our used monitors are tested before we sell them. A receipt is given with all used display screens, which is to be kept for your warranty, if the LCD Screen does fail within or just out side the warranty, (Platinum's warranties are not hard and fast to to 3 month, if an item fails just outside of the warranty we will still usually cover it) bring it back to Platinum Computers, we will test it and inspect it for any physical damage, if all is within the warranty terms we will replace your used monitor.

Replacement or Second Monitor Screen

Your existing monitor screen, become faulty or needs to be replaced, we can supply you with a replacement LCD screen, just check what connections are on your existing monitor, VGA, DVI, HDMI and audio, and either pop in to see us or look on our website for a LCD Monitor Screen. You could have a replacement monitor screen and surfing the internet in no time at all.

Dual Monitors

You want to have dual monitors displaying on your computer, if your motherboard supports dual monitors or you have an add on graphic card fitted, that supports dual monitors, then yes thats possible, we have set this up several times for customers in the past, if you need any help with setting up a Two Screen Display or even 3 or 4 display screens, contact us. Again you will need to check connections and we should be able to supply you with more monitor screens.

External Monitor used with a laptop

Your Laptop Screen broken or want a larger screen, you can connect an LCD Monitor to your laptop and have the monitor display as your laptop screen. You can have the monitor display a duplicate of the laptop screen or an extension of the laptop screen, most laptop have this facility on the keyboard with the use of the FN key, or through the display settings. If you require any help with using an external monitor, just contact Platinum Computers.
You can use an external monitor on your laptop if the screen is broken and dont want to replace the laptop screen, if you have the monitor screen connected when you start the laptop, most laptops will detect an external monitors at start up.

Platinum Computers Hartlepool 01429 223522 Used LCD Monitors

Definitions TFT-LCD Monitor

  • LCD for - Liquid Crystal Display
  • TFT for - Thin film transistor
  • TFT-LCD for - Thin film transistor liquid crystal display

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