spyware malware and Ransomware

Detection of Spyware / Malware if you see any of the symptoms on your laptop, pc or any device listed below, you probably will have to bring it to likes of ourselves good reputable computer repair shop (Platinum Computers, 42 Lister Street, Hartlepool, TS26 9LF) We see more and more of this everyday, as the Internet is becoming more popular and just about everyone is using the Internet now, Facebook, Twitter online banking etc.

If your getting pop ups, back up my PC, optimiser pro etc your home page has changed not getting the search result you expected your computer laptop or device starts running really slow, you probably have a SPYWARE / MALWARE INFECTION on your device. Then you have what's called malware or spyware on your computer, laptop tablet, what is malware or spyware, it's a way of companies selling to you or gathering your browsing nature were you go what you search for etc pushing advertising or the sale of programmes to you.
Most people think I have a security package on my PC so how has it got on then, there is no security package that is a gaurantee to stop Malware, Spyware and Ransomware infections they are a deterrent, your security package is looking for malicious coding and the likes of Optimizer pro, backup my Pc and Ransomware are classed as none malisious, so the chances are it will never pick them up.

Spyware Removal Service.

Maalware and Spyware

It's all probably came from a program you have installed that has a tick box already ticked that's going to install the other junk programmes as well, or a pop up telling you your Java, flash or windows updates need updating.
This where it gets tricky and these companies are clever, Java and flash are required for viewing and surfing the Internet so there popups look very similar to the genuine program alerts, so you click on them and once again they install all the junk programmes on your device.
Even if you click on cancel or the cross they have put a bit of coding to install the programmes no matter what you click on.
So what do you do then when you have these popups on your screen, the safest is to close your browser down (your browser is the program you click on to get on the Internet, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc) by clicking on the cross top corner. then start your Internet browser back up and hopefully the popup has gone or atleast for the time.

If you think you may need to update your flash player or Java then you can go direct to the appropriate websites, for Flash Player, go to BBC Iplayer and try to watch a program on there website, if Flash needs updating then BBC Iplayer will take you to Adobes website, for Java type in to Google ( Jave and the 2nd link from the top should take you direct to Java download page, download the program (s) direct them you know your getting the proper program, but just to confuse you even more you have to be careful even on these sites, as these even will install other programmes on your device too, you have to watch for the tick boxes again, and select or deselect to match your requirements.

If your not sure what you can do or how to get these off your device you can contact platinum Computers or pop it down to us and we can remove these programmes from your device, if you can't get to us we can arrange to pickup your device remove the junk and then drop your device back of to you.


These are programs that get on your device and encrypt your personal data in the back ground, until the encryption is complete then you get a message informing you and asking for a payment, they can even encrypt you external devices and online backups.
They have no regard for you or your personal data, just want to get there hands on your money. We have had reports of people paying the money and there data being unencrypted and other not getting it back, either way the Ransomware needs to be removed from your device, as it may do the same again in the future.

Be careful opening emails or Text messages with links in them or reporting there from your bank or any other company, and asking you to login to your account, this is a big NO NO as they should never ask you for your details or to login and change anything.

It's all a scam

The other way these unscrupulousness companies are getting access to your pc / laptop or tablet is to Phone you and tell you they are a partner of Microsoft and they are monitoring your Internet activity and ask to allow them to take control of your device and if you let them they will show you some errors your device is generating, which all computers generate, mostly nothing to worry about, but they try to scare you in to buying a security or maintance package from them, which is just a free security package they sell you or they put a password on your device so you cant do anything with it, then they want you to buy the password from them to unlock it. Never let them take control of your device and just put the phone down on them it's all a scam to get your cash.
Staying on the subject of phone calls we now get a lot of customers saying they are getting phone calls from companies they get services from and giving the customer there account number and some personal information to gain there trust, then wanting some kind of payment. What I would advise is take the persons name, department and direct line, then get the number for the company either from your original contract, a bill or a number you know is the companies and phone then back and either speak with a supervisor or the person who has just phoned you, just so you know they are genuine, better to be safe than sorry. BUT and this is important from a different phone than they have just phoned you on or pickup the the phone and listen to see if they are still on the other end waiting for you to dial a number, if it is a scam and they have phoned you, you can put down your phone but if they don't the call has not been disconnected and you will just go straight back to them, and you think you have been connected to the number you have dialled.
As an example Talk Talk systems have been hacked a couple of times now, who knows what information has been taken from there systems.
Once you allow them access they will probably pass on your details to other scam companies and may get more calls along the same lines.

What do these companies get out of all this.
Either cash from you, or they collect your personal informaion or your internet activity, what sites you visit, what you search for, how long you spend on the Internet etc etc. your information is like gold to these companies and sells for good amounts of cash.

If you suspect you have any spyware or malware please please do not use your device for any sensitive personal nature I.e. Anything that requires your password to be entered, i.e. online banking, emails etc as they may be collecting your personal information

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