Smart Phone Repairs in Hartlepool

We are constantly updating our services, so if you dont see your model of manufacturer of your phone, Contact Platinum Computers

For other Smart Phone repairs and Iphone Repairs and also Phone Accessories

Platinum Computers Smart Phone Repairs in Hartlepool we repair all makes and models and manufacturers of Smart Phones, from Apple Iphones, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony basically any Smart phone models.

Repair services range for
Apple Iphones, Ipads, Samsung phone Tablets, PCs, Laptops repairs and Game Consoles
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Kirk Wallis
June 01 2018
5/5 stars
I was having problems with my Iphone not charging, suspected problem with the charging port. Gave me a very very reasonable price to fix it. Took the phone in, and upon inspection it just required cleaning. Completely open and honest, cleaned it for me and proved it working. Wouid not take any payment. Really great honest and genuine service that isn't common everywhere now. HIGHLY recommended.

Platinum Computers Hartlepool top quality Phone repairs in Hartlepool

We also BUY unwanted, Old, Broken PCs, Laptops, Smart Phones and tablets.

Perhaps you've bought a new, no longer have use for your old one. Platinum Computers we can buy your old, Unwanted or Broken one. We pay CASH instantly. Buying PCs

We sell laptop, PCs and Smart phones pre-owned, all come with a warranty.

The only Advertising we do is from YOU.

Platinum Computers we offer a wide range IT Services on all makes and models of Laptops, Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones, from simple Laptop key replacement, replacing a Laptop, Tablet or smart phone screen or digitizer.

Special Deals:

Iphone 5C Replacement Battery
Iphone 5 Replacement Battery
Belkin USB printer cable 1.8 m
Epson 604XL Mag Pineapple

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