Liquid damaged iPhones

iPhone liquid damaged what to do
If your iPhone or any other phone or electronic device falls down the toilet, gets wet from rain or possibly condensation from using your iPhone or electronic device in the bath or just in a damp environment.
  • 1st turn off your iPhone asap
  • 2nd if you can remove the battery
  • 3rd get your iPhone or device to a repair shop asap
  • Sometimes your iPhone after liquid damage may just need a new screen, the iPhone can be very durable, even if there is no display or the display is clearly liquid damaged or distorted. We have replaced hundreds of liquid damaged iPhone screens and the iPhones have worked perfectly fine after. Turn off your iPhone and get it to a repair shop asap.

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    Joseph Marsh
    June 22 2018
    5/5 stars
    Phone screen smashed, got it fixed in under an hour. Staff were helpful and easily affordable. Great place.

      • Broken, damaged or no display

      • Your Iphone constantly restarting

      • Battery not holding a charge for long

      • Iphone not charging

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