Used Laptop Notebooks Bought and Sold

Looking for a used Notebook or second Laptop computer your old laptop running slow or is faulty, at Platinum Computers we have a large selection of Used Notebook laptops for you to choose.
We usually have in stock Windows XP, Windows Vista Laptops and Win 7 Notebooks, from single core, up to dual core CPUs. Usually speaking Windows XP Laptops are mostly single core, Windows vista Laptops can be 50/50 single or dual core CPU based notebooks, and Win 7 Laptops are mostly dual core and sometimes quad core CPU based Laptops. A variety of specs in hard drives, memory and laptop models and manufacturers. Dell, Acer, toshiba, Sony and Apple.
For the last fews years all new laptop come with wifi, at Platinum we try to make sure all our used laptops come with wifi capabilities. Depending on the laptop you choose or what stock we have, your chosen laptop may come with HDMI, giving you the option to connect your laptop to your TV and use your TV as a monitor for your laptop, or have dual displays, your laptop screen and TV displayingtogether, if you need help with setting up dual displays on your laptop, email us and we will see if we can assist you. If the laptop does not come with HDMI, it will have VGA and if your TV has VGA you can still use your TV as a monitor for your laptop.

Generally we have a good selection of used laptops in our Hartlepool based computer shop, if your looking to replace an existing office or home pc, we can usually accomadate you in finding a laptop, which laptop to get, will depend on you, what you want to do with it, surfing the web, game playing can be totally different notebooks. Buying a used Laptop from a reputable Computer store can usually save you hundreds of pounds, againast a new Notebook I say reputable computer store, so you know your warranty is worth having, have a look at our Google reviews and see how we emphasise on customer care Platinum Computers reviews.

Warranty on Used Notebooks

All our used Laptop Computers, come with a 3 Month Warranty

All our used Notebooks are tested before we sell them. A receipt is given with all used notebooks, which is to be kept for your warranty, if the Laptop does fail within or just out side the warranty, (Platinum's warranties are not hard and fast to to 3 month, if an item fails just outside of the warranty we will still usually cover it) bring it back to Platinum Computers, we will test it and inspect it for any physical damage, if all is within the warranty terms we will replace the Laptop computer.

Platinum Computers Hartlepool 01429 223522 desktop Used computers

We buy old unwanted Laptop Notebooks and Apple macs.

You have an unwanted or old Laptop or Apple mac, we buy your old Laptops and Macs, get cash for your old Notebook, paid instantly.

We buy all makes and models of laptops, working or not working.
You no longer use your Laptop, it has a broken screen is damaged or faulty or you just need some extra cash, no problem we still buy your them. We pay cash instantly.

We buy all types of Apple macs imacs and Ipad.
No longer use your Mac or ipad, cant get the hang of the oSX operating system, prefer Windows, faulty or damaged, no problem we buy them in all conditions. We pay cash instantly

Bundled Computer Software

Before we sell any used Notebook, we format the hard drive (making sure ALL information is erased) and install the operating system on the Laptop to match the windows product code on the Laptop, and activate it with Microsoft, so you get all microsoft updates and importantly all security updates.
We then install bundled computer software to make it easier to use the Laptop computer. We are constantly monitoring the system during all this for any errors or faults.

All the software we install is FREE, no software we install should ever ask for any form of payment, we never install any trial software that will last for a limited period and then ask you for a subscription.

  • Re-install the appropriate Windows Operating System to match the product code, ALL of our Laptops come with Windows installed and Activate with Microsoft.

  • Install An Internet Security Package - help to protect your computer against malware and spyware.

  • Install Free Office package - Word, Excel, Power point, Access and Publisher packages

  • Install Burning Software - backup your data and pictures to CD and DVD

  • Install Media Player - watch your movies and listen to music with this free media player

  • Install Acrobat Reader PDF - open and read PDF files on your computer or online

  • Install Acrobat Flash player - helps you to watch movies online, You Tube BBC iplayer etc

  • Install Windows Updates, up to latest Service pack and latest internet explorer.

The only Advertising we do is from YOU

Platinum Computers Hartlepool top quality Computer repairs in Hartlepool the North East and across the UK, bold statement but backed up by our Top Quality repair service.

CPU Definitions

  • Single Core - A chip with one CPU (one processing unit). Microprocessors have been single core since their inception in the early 1970s. Not good at multi tasking. (must be a man)
  • Multi Core Processor - Definition of Multi Core CPUs Better for multi tasking. (probably a woman)

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