iPhone not charging

Has your iPhone been slowly getting slower or intermittently charging, you think itís the iPhone charging port is faulty as most people think, but the usual culprit is muck, the lightening ports on iPhones is big, so muck from your pockets or work gets in the port, you then plug in your charger and push the little bits of muck further in the port, gradually it builds up the charger doesnít fit properly so you push the charger harder, and so it goes on till eventually your iPhone wonít charge anymore, you think the port is faulty, but 99% of the time the iPhone charging port just needs cleaning out (I strongly recommend NOT trying this yourself as you can short the contacts inside the port and damage the iPhone), take to a professional repair shop and they can clean the port, we always try to clean the port first as the Apple Original charging ports are much better quality the any replacement port, and itís a cheaper repair.

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Joseph Marsh
June 22 2018
5/5 stars
Phone screen smashed, got it fixed in under an hour. Staff were helpful and easily affordable. Great place.

    • Broken, damaged or no display

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    • Iphone not charging

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