Platinum Computers Hartlepool how to avoid Maleware Spyware infections

The Internet is so popular, just about everyone spends time on the Internet now. Facebook, Twitter etc.

With this comes an ever increasing threat, Malware Spyware and Viruse threats. Unscrupulous companies or individuals targeting the vulnerable and unsuspecting people out there just wanting to socialise and interact with other people.

Speed up your PC, your computer is infectioned with Malware click here to remove the infections. ALL SCAMS, all just looking to help empty your bank account. Thousands of Bank accounts are hacked in the UK every year, either by scams or using infected computers for online banking, keyloggers (Keystroke logging (often called keylogging) is the action of tracking (or logging) the keys struck on a keyboard) and rootkits (A rootkit is a stealthy type of malicious software (malware) designed to hide the existence of certain processes or programs from normal methods of detection and enables continued privileged access to a computer) on your computer monitoring what you are doing just waiting for you to put in your bank details.

I'm not Intentionally trying to scare you, but to draw your attention to how easy this can happen. Common sense is one of the best defences against a lot of the scams out there.

  • Why has Fedex sent me an email with an attachment with a subject can't deliver your parcel. (they wouldn't it would be PDF and why can't a courier company deliver your parcel, are you even expecting a delivery from that courier?)
  • You get an email from a colleague or best friend with an unusual obscure subject, that is totally not like them, don't open it contact them first, maybe there email has been hacked and spamming everyone on there contact list, you open it and you have the same infection.

PC World Curry.s Comet etc will tell you they can sell you an Internet Security that is gauranteed to stop you getting an Malware Spyware abd Virus infections while the package is subscription, it's all rubbish there are InternetSecurity Packages that will stop all infections. Thats why when we do Infection removals on computers we use up to 4 different programs. Chances are the package they will try to sell you a Norton security package, there a lot better packages available to buy and or are FREE. We sell some very good packages Kaspersky Bitdefender and AVG Paid Security. All our paid Security packages have used by ourselves and are lighter on the system than most other packages and we found them to be very good at protecting your system from infections. We also have a seletion of FREE packages for you to use totally free. FREE Security.

There are so many people using there computer with NO up to date security package, it's like leaving your home without locking doors and windows, at some point your could get burgled.

Again common sense a good security package, and you could never have an infection on your computer, make sure your package is always up to date, do regular scans, scan everything you download, be safe.

Here are some we hope will be useful tips for you.

Platinum Computers advice on Virus Prevention


  1. Do always keep your existing antivirus package up to date. We sell Advanced Security Packages, just £15 per year. Call us on 01429 223522 OR 598785, email
  2. Do regular scans, if you’re not sure we do check for and remove infections
  3. Do save files and scan before opening
  4. Do watch for pop ups Advertising – XXX, can be a sign of Spyware, Malware
  5. Do watch the performance of your computer is it running slow now, unresponsive

Prevention is always the best policy - We can remove your old out dated security package and install a new Advanced Security Package; to give you added peace of mind.
The longer you leave an infected computer, the worse it gets. Platinum Computers can check and remove infections from your computer.

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  1. Never open emails OR files from strangers
  2. Never open emails OR files from friends and family if they seem strange or out of the blue (they might not be aware they have an infection)
  3. Never accept scam phone calls, telling you your computer is infected (how do they know)
  4. Never allow anyone to take remote access of your computer.
  5. Never give your credit card or bank details on an infected computer

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