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When we buy Laptops and MacBooks we securely erase ALL data.

At Platinum Computers we focus on offering you the customer the BEST possible Laptop repair service available in Hartlepool and the UK.
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Joseph Marsh
June 22 2018
5/5 stars
Phone screen smashed, got it fixed in under an hour. Staff were helpful and easily affordable. Great place.

When a laptop comes in to us for repair, we can spend hours diagnosing the issue, and then phone you to offer solutions to complete the repair.
We will exhaust all possible avenues before submitting to re-installing windows, if this is the case we will phone you and offer you solutions to backing up data first, your pictures personal information etc. As said this is usually our last resort, it is usually the easiest option for us but usually the most inconvenient option for you the customer.
If Platinum Computers can help with any Laptop repair, please contact us via email, and we will see if what help we can offer you with your repair.

We repair all makes and model of Laptops and macs, this reflects in our extensive Laptop repair Service. All Laptop Repairs are carried out in house, in our dedicated Laptop Repair Centre, by a repair Engineer with over 20 years experience, from Charging ports, Laptop Screen replacement to a simple key replacement.
All our repairs are done by us, by a qualified repair engineer, if it can be fixed we will fix it.

Laptop repair Services

Laptop Charging port (Dc socket) failure is one of the most common laptop faults, at Platinum Computers Hartlepool we have a comprehensive laptop repair service, so if you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, your laptop may need the dc socket replaced on your laptop.

1) Wiggling the power connector may cause the charging light to come on briefly or only when the connector is held at an angle, a flickering power light is a common sign.

2) The charging light may not illuminate, no matter what position the battery charger connector is moved to.

3) The battery may discharge when the laptop is turned on but charge ok when its off.

4) A burning smell may be noticed when the laptop is powered on or when charging from the mains.

5) Overheating around the power socket, you may notice that the power connector is hot when you remove the plug. Click here

Poor Design

The power connector used on most laptops is normally of very poor design, the stress of inserting and removing the power supply and all other movement is taken by just a few solder joints on the connector where it joins the motherboard, thus failure occurs due to metal fatigue of the solder joints and sometimes the fragile plastic housing can break inside the case. Complete failure does not always occur immediately, this is why wiggling the power connector can often cause the laptop to start charging again, however, it can equally cause the connection to heat up and burn. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have the dc socket replaced as soon as possible, as permanent damage to the motherboard can occur and then you may require a replacement motherboard, which can get expensive very quickly.

For more details on pricing and Laptop models covered

Sometimes it is necessary to replace the original laptop power supply as well, we can supply one at a very reasonable price if required. ALL our Laptop Chargers are TOP quality Laptop chargers, NOT cheap 3rd party or universal Laptop chargers.

DIY Warning!

Dc Socket Replacement looks deceptively easy at first glance, but it is a skilled job requiring full disassembly of the laptop, it is a job that requires experience and care, it is all too easy to crack the laptop case or even the motherboard, this is not a job you should attempt yourself. Many pc engineers with years of experience will not carry out laptop repairs, for fear of causing further damage to the machine.

The Cost?

The cost of dc power socket replacement is ONLY £40. While some laptops require a simple jack replacement, others may require a dc harness (wiring loom +socket), or a power circuit board which houses the socket, but sometimes also incorporates a usb port/s or other input sockets. The parts for this type of repair may cost anywhere from £5 to £50.

Platinum Computers will normally replace the Laptop Charging port within 1 - 2 working days.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Here at Platinum Computers we can change your broken laptop screen, no matter what the size

All prices include Parts / Labour and VAT. The prices do not include collection and delivery charges.


10.1 Laptop Screen replacement
10.1Slim Laptop Screen Replace
10.2 Laptop Screen Replacement
13.3-Laptop Screen Replacement
14.1 Laptop screen Replacement
15 Laptop screen Replacement
15.4 Laptop Screen Replacement
15.6 LCD Laptop Screen
17 Laptop Screen Replacement
17.3 Laptop Screen Replacement
8.9 Laptop Screen Replacement
LED-Laptop Screen Replace 15.6
LED-Laptop Screen Slim 15.6


Laptop Keyboard Replacement

    • New Laptop Keyboard including fitting £45

      The above price is based on most Laptops upto 15.6" screen

    • Laptop's 17" and 17.3" the keyboard including fitting £75

      If any of the price is different, then we will call before fitting

We can carry out a variety Laptop repairs on ALL Laptops, below is a list of Laptop Manufacturers, but not limited to, that we carry out repairs regularly.



Apple mac's




Fujitsu Siemens



IBM (Lenovo)



Packard Bell





Platinum Computers Hartlepool top quality Laptop repairs in Hartlepool the North East and across the UK, bold statement but backed up by our Top Quality repair service.

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