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Prolong the life of your Laptop Battery.

All Laptop batteries are just rechargeable batteries, the more they are used, then charged, the more chance they will not hold a good charge. So the best advice I can give is, charge your Laptop battery to 100%, if you’re going to be sitting near a plug socket and have your Laptop plugged in to the socket, take the battery out of your Laptop , it will have 1 or 2 clips holding it in, (make sure the Laptop is plugged in before removing the battery).
The Laptop is now running of the main's power and not damaging the battery holding a charge. Remember if you want to unplug the Laptops from the mains you must put the battery back in.

A lot of people think the Laptop needs to have the battery in the Laptop at all times, not true, the Laptop doesn’t care if the battery is in or out as long as it has a power source.

Now in the future (providing you had a good battery to start with) you will have a battery that holds a good charge.
A lot of modern batteries do not hold a good charge, most renowned are HP, Dell. On the other hand Acer, Sony, MacBooks usually do have very good batteries. When you buy your laptop of macbook make sure it has a good battery from the start.

If you require any assistance on any Apple mac repairs, laptop repairs to pc repairs and new computers, Platinum Computers is always happy to help, you can send us an email with the issues you are experiencing or what is usually better bring your system in to our Repair Centre based in our Hartlepool Computer shop, see our Platinum Computers Contact us page for all our contact details including our address.

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