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Windows 10 Running Slow

Has your Windows 10 computer started to run slower and slower, slow to start up and slow opening any app, it could be a number of things causing to run slow, but most of the time is down to windows updates.
If your windows 10 computer hasnt ben installing the latest updates, it then falls behind on the version of windows 10, this strangly can make your computer run very slow and unresponsive. If your not sure how to install the latest windows 10 updates pop it in to us and we will be happy check your computer and if thats what is causing your computer to run slow we will install the latest version of windows 10, we will also check the hard drive for any errors (the storage device in your computer wher windows and your personal information live)

"Excellent service, very helpful and patient.
Brian Gladman
28th March 2017
5/5 stars
"Excellent service, very helpful and patient. Windows 8.1 demonstration made easy for senior person"

As a general rule here at Platinum Computers, our computer repairs once we receive your system, we work on approximately a 2 day service, then package your system and arrange our courier to collect and deliver it back to you.

While we have your computer / Laptop we can upgrade it, if you would like it to run faster and more effeciently.

The most cost effective and effective upgrades are

    • Memory upgrade - we usually carry the 3 latest types of PC and Laptop memory

    • Hard Drive upgrade - we usually carry these in stock from tradional hard drives, SSD and M.2 drives

Windows Operating System Re-install

    • Your computer running very slow

    • Getting error messages, DLL missing, Explorer has had to close etc

    • Windows stuck in updates

    • Windows just restarting

    • Had a new Hard Drive fitted, need to have windows put on it

Then possibly your Windows operating system needs to be re-installed on to your computer / Laptop.

A re-install will remove all your old programes, any viruses, spyware, it will clean up your system to a similar state as when you bought your computer.

We can backup your persoanl data, photo's etc.

Give your computer a new lease of life. As long as you have your Windows product code, we can re-install your original Windows operating system, on to your system. The product can be located usually on the base of your Laptop, on most new modern Dells under the battery. On a computer usually stuck on the case itself.

Then we will use your product code to install your genuine Windows operating system. If it's XP, Vista or Windows 7, no problem.

As long as your computer has no hardware issues, if we discover or you inform us of any hardware issues we will advise on an appropriate component(s), we carry in stock most standard components, motherboards, memory etc, it will come back to you with the sound working, Internet ready (as long as it is capable), wireless etc all working

Windows Operating System Repair

Please insert your boot media and press any key

Getting a blue screen, error message

Start windows normally - then restarts

Then possibly your system requires a system repair, this usually will fix your operating system, enabling it to boot in to windows again.

These errors acan either come from a corrupt windows update, or virus infection. Once windows is back up and running we can then check to see what has caused the problem in the first place.

This is the prefered method if you have lots of data you want to keep, family photo's etc or programs you no longer have access to the installation disks or execution files. This method usually keeps everything intact.



Check Disk to fix file system

Are you getting a blue screen, possibly your system has been shut down in apropriately, power cut or your hard drives possibly failing, then a check disk is possibly required to sort out your system

It can repair problems related to bad sectors, lost clusters, cross-linked files, and directory errors. These types of problems can arise in a variety of ways. System crashes or freezes, power glitches, incorrectly turning off a computer can all cause corruption in the file or folder structure. Physically bumping or jarring a computer can cause the head that reads disks to hit the surface and damage sectors. Once some sort of error occurs it can propagate to create more errors so a regularly scheduled disk checkup is part of good system maintenance.

Chkdsk can also serve as an early warning that a hard drive is deteriorating. Disks gradually wear out and sectors may become bad. If Chkdsk starts finding bad sectors, that is a sign that a drive may need replacing. Unfortunately, many hard drive failures are sudden but nonetheless Chkdsk is an important line of defense.



Virus or spyware infectikon

    • Getting pop ups

    • A program telling you, you have hundreds of infections, activate to resolve the problems

    • Possible blue screen or re-starting

    • Your computer running very slow

Then you have a virus or spyware infection, we can usually remove these infections without you loosing and of your data or lose of programs.

After the infections are removed your system should be running as it was before the infection



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