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Nintendo Wii DVD repair




At Platinum Computers we can supply and fit a range of Console Parts for your Games Machine (all generations).
If you dont see the part (s) for your device you require, not a problem, when you bring your Console in for repair, we will give you an accurate price before we do any repair.

As well as our retail side of the business we also have a long and very well established Laptop, Computer and Apple repair centre, in our Hartlepool based computer shop, our repair engineer has over 20 years experience in the IT industry. have a look at our feedback left on Google from some of customers, Platinum Computers Hartlepool, customer satisfaction has been the core to building our excellent reputation since setting up in Platinum Computers in our local Hartlepool Computer Shop in 2002.

The only Advertising we do is from YOU

Special Deals:

Epson T802 Cyan Ink Cartridges
Iphone 8+ Screen repair Black
Spyware / Virus Removal
Epson T614 Yell ink Cartridges

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