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Platinum Computers bases and run from its Computer shop in Hartlepool, predominantly in the past, as you would appreciate most of our Laptop Repairs came mostly from Hartlepool and surrounding areas, Billingham, Stockton, Middlesbrough and Sunderland, but with the excellent reputation we have gained over the 10+ years we have been repairing Laptops, we receive Laptops for repair from all over the UK.

Platinum Computers first opened for business in 2002, offering quality laptop repairs in Hartlepool to both the public and local businesses, focusing on quality of the laptop repairs has helped us build a very good reputation with our customers, in Hartlepool for customer care and attention to detail with ALL of our laptop repairs, read our Business customer reviews, or you can read our google reviews for Platinum Computers customer reviews, and see for yourself.

With next day courier service and the Internet so popular and accessible, our Laptop repair services now covers not just Hartlepool ad the North east but all across the UK.
So now all the UK can now benefit from our attention to detail and quality laptop repairs.

Below is an example of one of the common laptop repairs we encounter with our customer who have been getting building work done to there homes in Hartlepool, or use the laptop on the bed.

PC Symptoms

  • Your Laptop is very hot and is blowing out hot air from the vents

  • Fans constantly running and noisy

  • Your Notebook seems to be running slower than normal

  • Laptop turns off after a couple of minutes, leave it for 10 minutes or so and it turns back on.

Sounds like your Laptop is overheating, you may be getting one or more of the above symptoms. This is a common Laptop repair, that we have repaired in Hartlepool for customers over the years, and can easily be repaired.

Possible Causes

  • Is your Computer kept in a dusty room?

  • Do you have cats or dogs?

  • Had a lot of building work done?

Platinum Computers Hartlepool 01429 223522 Laptop Overheating Repair

If Platinum Computers can be of any service or help on any Laptop repairs not just overheating issues you can email us at or if you would like us to do the Laptop repair for you thats not a problem we will be happy to help.

The only Advertising we do is from YOU.

Platinum Computers Hartlepool top quality Laptop repairs in Hartlepool the North East and across the UK, bold statement but backed up by our Top Quality repair service.

We also BUY unwanted, Old, Broken Laptops.

Perhaps you've bought a new Notebook, no longer have use for your old one. Platinum Computers we can buy your old, Unwanted or Broken Laptop. We pay CASH instantly. Buying Laptops

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