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3 Pin 1 AMP Plug
Apple Ipad 3 pin USB 5 amp
Apple USB UK 2 amp plug
Genuine Apple Ipad 4, 5 6 USB
Ipad 2, 3 and 4 Tempered Glass
Ipad Air Tempered Glass
Ipad Mini Tempered Glass



1 Screen protector Ipad 2 & 3
3 Screen protector Ipad 2 & 3
Apple Ipad 4, 5 6 7 USB Cable
Black 360 Rot Ipad 2 & 3 Case
Ipad 2 3 USB sync Cable
Ipad Touch Screen Pens
Red 360 Rotat Ipad 2 & 3 Case
Screen Protector Ipad 2, 3, 4
White 360 Rot Ipad 2 & 3 Case


Youve just paid a lot of money or paying an expensive monthly for your contract for your Ipad, either way they are expensive but good products, so why over look, looking after your Ipad, from a simple screen protector for a few pounds to a complete cover to protect the entire Ipad.

Screen Protector - Helps prevent the touch screen from getting scratched and keeps the Ipad touch screen fully functional.

Ipad Cover - The magnetic covers also help to prevent scratches to the screen and also give extra protection to the digitizer which is what tends to get broken.

Ipad full covers - the full cover (360 cover) gives complet protection to your Ipad front and back to keep your Ipad looking new as when you first got it, gives protection to the digitizer and helps prevent scratches to the back panel.
The 360 cover also can help using the Ipad easier, i.e. when watching moving or listening to music, or even just general use of the Ipad, the 360 cover has different positions to hold your Ipad in position.

As well as our retail side of the business we also have a long and very well established Laptop, Computer and Apple MacBook repair centre, in our Hartlepool based computer shop, our repair engineer has over 20 years experience in the IT industry. have a look at our feedback left on Google from some of customers, Platinum Computers Hartlepool, customer satisfaction has been the core to building our excellent reputation since setting up in Platinum Computers in our local Hartlepool Computer Shop in 2002.

The only Advertising we do is from YOU

Special Deals:

Ipad Repair Labour ALL Version
ipod 3rd gen side button
Epson T481 Blk ink Cartridges
Ritek Print G05 DVD-R 50 - Tub

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