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Apple Iphone 5S 16gb BLK on EE
Apple Iphone 5S 16gb WHT on o2
Apple Iphone 5S 16gb WHT on o2
Iphone 5C Yellow 8gb on VodaFo
Iphone 6 White 16gb Unlocked
Iphone 6S Black 16gb on EE
Iphone 6S Black 16gb Unlocked
Iphone 6S White 64gb on EE
Iphone 6S WHT 16gb o2


Maybe your just after a second computer for the children to use, buying a used computer or notebook laptop can save a huge amount of money against a new computer. In the Computer World buying a used computer or notebook against a new computer is were big savings are to be made.
Buying from a reputable Computer Shop, ensures you get a warranty with your purchase.

As well as our retail side of the business we also have a long and very well established Laptop, Computer and Apple MacBook and Imac repair centre, in our Hartlepool based computer shop, our repair engineer has over 20 years experience in the IT industry. have a look at our feedback left on Google from some of customers, Platinum Computers Reviews, customer satisfaction has been the core to building our excellent reputation since setting up in Platinum Computers in our local Hartlepool Computer Shopin 2002.

If you would like to know more about our Repair services, Laptops Apple Computer and PC repairs have a look at our services left hand side menu.

Special Deals:

Iphone 8+ Screen repair Black
Epson RX420 Combo
Ipad Mini Screen Repair black
LED-Laptop Screen Slim 15.6

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