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Antec 550 Watt power supplies
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As already said Power supplies are over looked and forgotten about, BUT are an extremely important compontnt, especially in gaming computers, some people put a standard PSU in a gaming machine, and phone us or bring in there machine in to our Hartlepool based Computer Shop and report the graphics are not right or when I play games my computer turns off, or my PC runs slow and sluggish.
THE PSU isn't up the job its being asked to do. Think about if you are exercising at your maximum for a long period of time, what happens, your exhausted and your body gets stressed, a standard PSU does the same.
A GOOD Gaming Power Supply is build with better internal parts, designed to be more power efficient, and runs better for longer under load, as a rough guide the weight of a PSU is a good indication of how good it is, a standard PSU weighs approximately 1 kilo and good Power Supplies weight is 2.5 kilo and up.
If all the components inside your computer aren't getting the required power from the PSU, then they obviously won't be able to work to there optimal, and so the problems mentioned earlier come about.

At Platinum Computers we stock Standard Power Supplies usually 400 watts to replace a standard blown PSU, a PC used for just general home, office and surfing use. Even then if the PC has been upgraded i.e. more DVD drives, hard drives or even a graphic card then a standard PSU may not be up to the job, to GOOD gaming Power Supplies.

As well as our retail side of the business we also have a long and very well established Laptop, Computer and Apple MacBook and Imac repair centre, in our Hartlepool based computer shop, our repair engineer has over 20 years experience in the IT industry. have a look at our feedback left on Google from some of customers, Platinum Computers Hartlepool, customer satisfaction has been the core to building our excellent reputation since setting up in Platinum Computers in our local Hartlepool Computer Shop in 2002.
If you would like to read on more on how important POWER SUPPLIES are, read our Power Supply page on the left hand side menu.

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